What We Do

Assisting people through the processes of:

  • Termination of a marriage/civil partnership or cohabitation
    • Filing for Divorce/annulment; advice on cohabitation splits.
    • Filing for financial provision and/or division of property/assets/spousal/child maintenance
  • Assist clients through the process of applying for domestic violence related proceedings such as Non-Molestation Orders, Prohibited Steps Orders, Specific Issues Orders and Occupation Orders.
  • Child arrangement order applications
    • Child maintenance (case dependent)
    • Who the child should live with
    • Who the child should spend time with and what contact they should have, direct/indirect
    • Parental responsibility
  • Grandparents’/step parent applications


Paperwork assistance

  • Working with the client to help with preparing and drafting statements for applications, documents, and other correspondence (e.g., liability and asset schedules, witness statements, documenting evidence, Form E’s etc)
  • Helping clients with their bundles, if it’s their responsibility to collate
  • Assisting with the organisation of all relevant documents relating to their case so they can find important documents quickly

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Court assistance

  • Liaising with the court or helping the client to liaise regarding any prior requests for hearings ie separate rooms/screens/vulnerable witness provisions
  • Assisting with any pre-court discussions/negotiations alongside CAFCASS or Counsel, if involved, should this be necessary and requested
  • Keeping the clients focused, calm and level headed both before and during the proceedings

McKenzie Friends can:

  • provide moral support
  • take notes
  • help with case papers
  • quietly giving advice in court

Mckenzie Friends cannot:

  • Address the Court directly, question witnesses or talk to the judge directly
  • Conduct litigation or exercise a right of audience. The court may grant those rights in individual cases, but it is unlikely to do so
  • act as an agent