Tara is very knowledgeable when it comes to the court system and procedure. She was always at the end of an email and her response is always quick and clear. Tara had a lot of advice that I would never have been able to get if I was representing myself alone; and her advice was invaluable. Tara is a kind, professional Mckenzie friend and is always willing to help with whatever I needed; or calm me down when I got upset about something. When in court Tara was very helpful and managed to help me get the outcome I wanted very quickly, and with the least amount of stress. I would recommend anyone to Tara; she is trustworthy and reliable. Thank you Tara Anonymous


Tara was highly recommended to me by a friend whose family had apparently used her as a McKenzie Friend in their divorce case. Having spent a fortune in legal fees in the first year of separation, I decided to represent myself just before the FDR hearing. I have found Tara to be extremely knowledgeable, professional and organised. These traits and others removed most of the stress associated with attending court and dealing with a barrage of questions. She was a constant reassurance and was instrumental in supporting me throughout the various hearings I had to attend, as well as the preparation needed beforehand. I have  absolutely no hesitation in recommending her! Craig – London


The charity saw an increasing need for McKenzie Friends when there were legal aid cuts to family law cases.  We started using Tara as a McKenzie Friend for our clients – mostly in applications for Non-Molestation Orders and in child contact arrangement cases – and very quickly saw how this was an empowering way to support our clients to keep safe and / or have structure in place regarding child contact.   This led us to ask Tara to help us to develop a McKenzie Friend service where she helped to train volunteers to be McKenzie Friends for our clients – women who have survived Domestic Violence.  Without Tara and our McKenzie Friend service we feel many of our clients would not feel able to seek orders to keep themselves safe or would go to court and feel intimidated and unable to state what they want or don’t want or what their concerns are.  Tara is able to help our clients prepare for court, she is very knowledgeable and professional and has a warm manner – we always feel our clients are in safe hands when we refer them to Tara.  Even though the outcome is not always what the client wanted our clients always report back that Tara’s support was invaluable. Tina, Client Support Worker


Tara is a very professional McKenzie friend with a warm and compassionate manner.  She kept a very distressed client focussed and calm in the preparation for court and during the proceedings. She dealt with all her queries with confidence and knowledge.  This was incredibly valuable to the client who felt well supported and less stressed throughout. Karen, Client Support Worker, Domestic Violence charity


Tara was extraordinary — tenacious, accurate, caring, compassionate and knew how to explain complex legalities in a simple, supportive manner. I wouldn’t have pursued what I did without her – Beena, London


Tara was a great help and support to me during a very acrimonious divorce and child access court case. She battled endlessly to help me and was very informative on what was going on and what will happen next. Tara helped with all the written statements extremely efficiently and explained how and why I should write things in a certain way to get my point across.  I would highly recommend Tara and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone going through any area of the family court system.  Jill – Nottingham